Mindshift Matters is the brainchild of Max Horstink. Mindshift Matters provides services in the field of climate change and sustainability through three key areas: communication, strategy and innovation. For this we may work together with a network of trusted partners around the world. Ultimately experience tells us that what we will do for you will be just a little bit different than what is described below. What follows are the services we offer in a nut shell.

mindshift matters

Specialties include climate finance and market mechanisms. In parallel we support organisations to understand the risk and opportunities associated with climate change and current and future climate change policies.


Our next project is usually on a topic that has not been explored before, an innovative policy, a complex deal structure to finance green technology, a new market mechanism. The climate change and sustainability work field is constantly evolving, and as we plan and implement policies and actions, we encounter logistical, ethical and political obstacles. This requires constant creative thinking and reinvention. And that´s what we like to do.
Mindshift Matters helps you generate ideas, understand risk, unfold opportunities, and communicate these to a wider public.

Key services
Writing publications Policy design & instruments Strategy development
Writing articles & opinion pieces Market mechanisms Risks & opportunities analysis
Manage social media accounts, website content and blogs Innovative finance Policy design & instruments
Communicating environmental messages through social media Financing NDCs and NAMAs Environmental market analysis

Please contact us by email or phone for more information. On this website you will find an overview of our experience and completed projects.